Juliana Cerna

Juliana. 17 years old. Black, white, grey, neon. Reads a lot. Fangirl. Inspired by TED talks. Hopefully moving to California soon. Creativity is the key. Weird, crazy, introvert. I want to travel the world I speak Spanish, English and basic Italian. I might study visual arts. senior in high school.
My ask is always open if you ever just need to talk to someone or you need and advice or someone to just be weird with, Kik: JulianaC10

Pool Patio | WAV


they can be on the soundtrack for a movie but they cant send out an email properly




there’s no law against you tossing spaghetti on the sidewalks.  cops cant stop me.  not this time

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  • Larry killing Hayden (“Murder House”)
  • Arden cutting off Shelley’s legs (“Nor’easter”)
  • Fiona slitting Madison’s throat (“The Replacements”)

Some of my favorite (and most surprising) AHS moments have been the final scenes of each season’s third episode, a little thing I like to call the “episode 3 shocker”. And this year, the end of the third episode is going to be the cliffhanger for the other half of the two-parter. So all I can say is… get ready.